Streamline Senior Care With The Latest Technology

old lady staring offOperating a senior care business in Greensboro NC is demanding work. Owners and managers must maintain high standards of care while paying attention to other aspects of the business. Hiring and maintaining trained, knowledgeable staff, as well as keeping facilities properly maintained, and upkeep with human resource functions are some of the additional tasks involved in a senior care business. One way to streamline the various tasks is to implement a centralized computer system. The benefits of using such a system are endless and it will save you from throwing any unnecessary funds out the window for options that just don’t work.

Human Resource Functions

Senior living or senior care businesses often hire both full-time and part-time caregivers, as well as employees to fulfill other roles. Tracking hours, benefits, and payroll functions can be done simply, with a single application. Human resource managers can use computerized systems to monitor the hours worked and wages earned by each employee. Payroll functions that are processed through computer applications take less time, allowing HR workers to focus on other important tasks.

Managing Security and Guest Functions

Many home care and senior care companies in Greensboro worry about the safety of their residents, whether in full care facilities, assisted living, or independent living situations. Computerized applications can monitor movement of each individual, notifying nursing staff when a senior may have potentially fallen or may be in need of assistance. This is done by monitoring movement or lack of movement, within a certain space. It provides additional security, without infringing on the privacy of senior residents.

Within senior facilities, the ability to keep out unwanted intruders is an absolute must. A computerized system can be designed to let an employee decide who can be let in or out of the facility. This helps ensure safety from seniors wandering away as well. With a speaker and voice activation, the operator can speak to the person who desires entry, as well as view the individual on a monitor. There are also many replacement window companies in Greensboro that can have your business even more secure. Safety and peace of mind, in avoiding unwanted visitors is essential in today’s elderly care environments.

Accounting Functions

Accounting functions such as resident billing, payment of expenses, and many other accounting functions must be tracked, to determine where costs may be reduced. A computerized accounting function can reduce or eliminate accidental payment of the same expense twice. It can also be linked to an automated supply chain system, allowing nursing and care staff to focus on aspects of care, rather than on supply functions.

Monitor Care and Health of Seniors

Electronic health records are being used by many different types of care providers, including those caring for the elderly. An automated system can be linked to electronic health records, to monitor ongoing needs of patients, track infections, and to help maintain a resident health and safety program. An automated system can determine if an individual may require additional care or services in the near future. It can be used by nursing staff, to develop care plans for each elderly person requiring ongoing care.

Computerized systems for elderly care are a necessity if providers want to reduce costs and time spent on administrative functions. At the same time, such systems make it easier to track expenses, monitor health and safety programs, and retrieve statistical data about the overall health of seniors or overall performance of health care staff. Many computerized systems pay for themselves within the first few years of implementation, through increased efficiency and effectiveness of home care and senior care programs.

Save Money on Your Next Energy Bill

high energy billYou’ve most likely noticed a spike in your utility bills during the winter and summer months. Unless you want your family living in an icebox in the wintertime, or turn your home into a hot yoga studio in the summer, higher energy bills during these seasons are generally unavoidable. Simply put, the harder your HVAC system has to work to keep your home at your desired temperature, the more you will have to pay at the end of your billing cycle. But if your home isn’t using energy efficiently, you could be paying for wasted energy.

For example, if you leave your refrigerator door open, the refrigerator will have to use more energy to absorb and transfer the extra heat coming in. This is not efficient use of energy, as increased energy is required for the same output – in other words, you’re paying more for the same service.

There are many ways to increase your home’s level of energy efficiency and reduce the energy required to perform a task. By no means will your hot, humid August utility look anything like your temperate, AC-off April, but you’ll be sure that your home is more efficiently using energy to provide you with the level of comfort you and your family are used to.

Here are some ways to improve energy efficiency in your home:

Get an Energy Audit

Many homeowners are unaware of their home’s vulnerabilities when it comes to energy efficiency. To know where you stand and areas that can benefit from improvement, request an “energy audit.” During an energy audit, a professional technician or energy auditor will inspect your home for any possible leaks, inspect the furnace and the air ducts, and look at your home’s insulation as well. The energy technician will be able to let you know where exactly your home is losing energy (and money) and how these problems can be remedied. Many services offer free energy audits.

Seal Air Ducts and Windows

The most common areas of energy loss in your home are your air ducts and windows. When air ducts are improperly sealed, heated or cooled air is forced out through leaks, and causes your HVAC system to consume more energy to keep your home at the desired temperature. Similarly, old windows or window frames that were not properly measured and installed can also leak heated or cooled air, decreasing your home’s energy efficiency. Air ducts can be sealed with mastic sealant or metal tape, and windows can be sealed with caulking, foam sealant, or weatherstripping. This New Jersey replacement windows company also offers energy efficient window replacements, with window glazing to prevent unwanted solar heat transfer.

Replace Outdated Fixtures and Appliances

efficient lightbulbMany older appliances and fixtures don’t provide nearly as high a level of energy efficiency as newer ones. This is due to older systems wearing down and not performing as well, but also due to the rapid advancement in energy-efficient technology over the years. For example, incandescent light bulbs are a thing of the past as they give way to the more efficient fluorescent and LED lights. Fluorescent light bulbs generally use only one fifth of the power of an incandescent light bulb, and can last fifteen times longer. LED lights, despite having a relatively high initial cost, use even less energy and last even longer. Similarly, many newer refrigerators, HVAC systems, and other high-energy-use appliances are equipped with energy efficient technology. One of the best ways to be sure that the appliance you are purchasing is energy efficient is to look for the Energy Star logo. This indicates that the product meets or exceeds a standard level of energy efficiency.


While improving your home’s energy efficiency won’t do away with your monthly bill, you can at least be sure that you’re getting the most “bang” for your buck!

Which Generator to Choose for Your Home

fireplace light before electricityA long time ago, power supply was a simple matter of lighting a candle or making sure you had enough wood in the fireplace. These days, things are radically different. You need power to enjoy all the top line electronic gadgets in your home. You also need power for security reasons. The CCTV system and other security gadgets in your home will not work without power. If you have a home business, you also need power to do your work. For these reasons, you cannot afford not to have backup power when there is power outage.

Now, we have established that waiting out the next power outage is not a bright idea. The right move is to buy and install your own backup generator but you have to do this the right way. Home generators come in different sizes. They also have different specifications. You need a generator that will be just right for your home. This is why it makes sense to know a few things about power generators before investing in one.

Portable generators

Portable generators are categorized according to their output. A 5 KW-6.5 KW generator can power four lights, a furnace fan, a sump pump and a refrigerator/freezer. Generators of this size are called “survival generators” because they can only serve you in the survival mode. If you buy the 8KW generator, you have moved out of the survival mode. This generator can power your home office in addition to your survival appliances. The 10 KW generator provides comfort and security in your home. This generator can power your survival appliances plus your kitchen, a family room and your home office. It can also power your security gadgets but it cannot power all the electronic appliances in your home.

Mini-power plants

home sized generatorThe 25 KW generator is a mini-power plant. It can power a small to mid-sized home and carry all your electrical appliances including air conditioning, laundry room and kitchen. The 30 KW generator is fully-fledged a power plant. You can live in total comfort with this system because it can run a large home plus a home office and everything in the home. Unless you are running a factory in your home, you do not need to go above the 30 KW power plant. You know the specifications now so let us talk about installation, usage and home safety.

Installing your generator

One thing you should not do is try to install the generator by yourself. Remember that we are talking about electricity here so it is best to get an expert like these Richmond generator experts I used I found to handle the installation for you. If you buy the Generac generator, the company will assign a qualified technician to install the product. This expert will also give you an orientation on how to use the product. For instance, your generator must have a changeover switch and you should learn how to use it.

Maintenance and safety tips

lightening-power-outageDo not carry out maintenance work on home generators by yourself. Always get an expert to do this for you. Again, you should never go near the generator with an open flame. Keep the generator house securely locked always and make sure your children do not go anywhere near the generator. Finally, ensure your generator is located far from your windows or ventilating systems. Generators produce carbon monoxide and this is a poisonous substance.

Final word

You definitely need an alternative source of power. Buy the right backup generator and get it properly installed. Ensure that it is properly maintained and you will enjoy your generator for many years.

A Manual Transfer Switch Saves You Money

On any given day I may consult with up to as many as 20 different clients in my profession.  I own my own website development company in Richmond VA that I just started last year and I enjoy staying busy.  I work out of my home and I am very reliant on my technologies. Any power failure at all can cause my business to lose thousands of dollars in revenues.  I’m mentioning all this to you because early this winter Richmond got hit hard with a nice little snow storm that was topped with a layer of freezing rain and sleet.  As much as I love the snow I didn’t however appreciate the power outage that came with it. A tree down the way couldn’t bear the weight of the storm and came crashing down on my power lines. I was out of power for five days and this made it very difficult to complete my everyday tasks setting me far behind in my work. I know what you are thinking, “What an idiot?!?! How could a computer guy not have a backup power source?”. Well…..I didn’t and this was a mistake that I learned from owning my first business. Cutting corners to save some money now can cost you more money in the long run!

ele 2With the power back I wanted to make sure that this situation would never happen again so I began investigating different options on power generators. The price range for a reliable home generator was anywhere from $2500 to $10,000 depending on the brand. I wasn’t too ecstatic about this pricing so I continued my search and came across InterLock Kit in Richmond VA. They offered an alternative solution where a manual transfer switch could be installed to my circuit box and I would be able to plug up a portable generator to run during a power loss. I could plug my generator to an input directed to my breaker box and bypass the utility power input which means I wouldn’t have to run extension cords out. The transfer switch kits would cost $150 plus installation fees and the portable generator itself would generally range from $500-$1000. This is exactly what I needed and at a fraction of the cost of a home generator installation.

I went back on to the InterLock Kit website and was easily directed to a local provider right in the Richmond VA area. I chose a generator that fit my needs and budget then had a manual transfer switch installed. It was quick and easy. Now I don’t ever have to worry about losing power or my money again!

Who to Call When you Need an Appliance Fixed Fast

When an appliance breaks in your home you probably don’t want to be without it for long. If this sounds like you then you should think twice about who to call for the repair. Sure there are a lot of handyman types out there who know how to fix various things related to appliances, but there is also a good change they are going to need a part that they don’t have “handy”. In these cases, the real handyman for the job is your local Mr. Appliance repair technician. Because they only focus on appliances such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, and dishwashers you can be confident they will be able to diagnose the problem right away.

The Difference

refrigerator in need of repairBut the real difference between them and other handymen or even your everyday appliance repair service is how they can usually fix the part for you that day because of the inventory they keep in stock right in their trucks. While many repair services try to save money by only ordering the parts they need when they need them, Mr. Appliance is different. Instead of sacrificing your time (and your sanity) to save a few bucks, they always make sure to keep their trucks stocked with nearly every part they might need to fix many different major brands of appliances.

Friendly Appliance Repairs

In addition, I have found them to always be very friendly and treat my home with the utmost courtesy and respect. They even cover their shoes to come in your home, something I would never bother to do in my house and yet I appreciate the extra effort on their part. So if an appliance such as refrigerator or washing machine in your home breaks or stops working properly you have a few different choices. You can buy a new one, something which is not usually needed, call a handyman, or go straight to an appliance repair specialist who can make the fix fast on the very first trip to your property.

No More Power Outages

Why I Like My Simple Manual Transfer Switch

typical home electrical panelWhile im the type of person who enjoys the outdoors and “roughing it”, I like to limit these experienced to my yearly camping trip. I realized this recently when we lost power in my home for 5 days after a large storm that ripped across the east coast. Even though this may not seem like a long time, being without what we consider necessities in the home can be difficult. Even though I quite enjoyed the first couple of days my wife and kids were much less enthusiastic about the situation. This led me to start looking around for solutions.

At first I started looking up companies who installed whole house generators, but soon found most of these were far too expensive coming in at thousands of dollars more than I would have expected. Soon I was looking into less expensive portable generators but the problem was I had no idea how to hook them up to be able to make that power usable when I needed it. Then I discovered a simple manual transfer switch for generators, Interlock Kits are an easy way for me to hook up my new generator by installing it onto the electrical panel in my laundry room.

portable backup generatorI was surprised how much easier this was than the alternatives. Normal transfer switches for generators can be complicated and expensive to have installed. Even with the extra cost and difficulty I was reading you can only power certain things in your home with many of them which you have to choose upfront. While I am not an electrician and not even the handiest of people around the house, I was able to properly install the Interlock Kit to my Siemens electric panel with only a little bit of instruction. Now next time there is a power outage in my neighborhood, my family wont be left in the dark.

Power Up Your AC Unit for the Summer

Last summer I made the mistake of trying to forgo HVAC repairs when my air conditioning unit decided to stop cooperating. In Florida, there isn’t a huge list of bigger mistakes you can make when it’s late June and the warm season is far from past. What’s worse is that our master bedroom is on the second floor. I’m sure the extra electricity from the overhead fan and additional box fans I had running was enough to cover what would be an air conditioning repair bill. It’s almost that time of year again, and I would do many things before I went through a summer like that again. Here’s what I recommend if you are ever in the same boat and need to find a service contractor to restore your home’s pleasant living environment.hvac system

Understand as much of the problem as you can before you make any calls. Know the answers to questions like: Does the unit appear to turn on at all? Was there a change in the noises the air conditioning unit was making? How old is it? What is the make and model number?

Anything you can tell a repair company over the phone will help them provide a more accurate price quote or at least expedite the process when a service technician arrives.

How to pick the best company? There are countless ways to know the reputation an air conditioning repair company has in your area. The age old method of asking your friends and neighbors still works like it always has. You may be new to a neighborhood or just want to speed the process along. In those circumstances, internet reviews and testimonials serve the same purpose.

Don’t spend even a week sweating in your own living room when a solution is just a phone call away.

Electric Advanced Across Industries

With growing technology it is hard to find things around your home that doesn’t need electricity to operate. A lot of the service industries have had to become used to working with electricity because it is incorporated into their products. The plumbing industry is a perfect example of how technological advancement has pushed electricity into their daily repairs and installations. Thirty years ago we didn’t have products like the garbage disposal, specialized toilets, and touch operated faucets. Some of these items have become standard in most homes like the garbage disposal and the others are more luxury products that you find in certain homes.

Understanding how these items work is important for any plumbing company because they need to be able to service all customers’ home so they can be profitable. A plumber must be able to repair or replace a garbage disposal and this is a very common type of repair for most plumbers. Another product that uses a certain amount of electricity is a water heater and that is commonly found in every home or apartment in America. A plumbing company would be putting themselves at a huge disadvantage if they did not stay up to date on the latest technological advances.

Not only are products becoming more electric oriented but also the tools used to service plumbing issues. Most service technicians now carry a snake camera that they can deploy into piping or a drain to see what the issue could be. This new tool has dramatically increased the productivity of plumbers because they are able to troubleshoot the issues quicker and service more customers daily.

Mr. Rooter is a great example of a plumbing company that has been on top of the technological advance and you can view their advanced tools just by clicking here. Because of their advanced tools and expert knowledge they are outperforming all local competition. This wave of electrical application doesn’t only apply to plumbers but a wide variety of industries. If you are in the service industry then it is important that you are aware of the advances and that you take the proper training to service these items.

Diagnosing HVAC Electrical Issues

One of the most major issues that most home owners have with their air conditioner is usually an electrical issue. Home air conditioners are considered pretty hands free when it comes to maintenance but it does happen every once in a while. There many types of problems that can arise from electrical issues and there different ways going about diagnosing these issues. If you are experiencing electrical problems with your HVAC system then I would suggest visiting Aire Serv at for advice and troubleshooting steps in order to get your system back up to optimal status. Aire Serv’s service professionals are top in their industry and can solve any issue that you may have with your home air conditioning. Let’s jump into the most common electrical issues with home air conditioners and possible ways to fix them.

If you are experiencing an issue with the air conditioning not turning on then there is a good chance that the electrical issue is the thermostat or your HVAC unit is not receiving any power. To find out which two problems is the issue then test the thermostat first and then the power. Make sure that your thermostat is set to cool position and drop the temperature 8 degrees below the current temperature and give it ten minutes to see if it turns on.  If you system still doesn’t turn on then check the power that your system is receiving. Make sure that the your circuit breaker doesn’t have a blown fuse, if it does then replace and that should solve your power problem.

Another issue that most people run into is that their air conditioner blows out warm air. This doesn’t mean that you system is broken it could simply mean that your air ducts or filters are clogged. Before calling an HVAC professional make sure that you clean the vent filters and make sure there is nothing obstructing the air duct passages. If this still doesn’t solve the issue then make sure that your outdoor unit is working properly and that there are no sticks or branches obstructing the fan blades.

How to Install a Light Fixture

Installing a new light fixture can be a difficult task for some but it is really easy and could be done by any home owner will to give it a try. It is very important to always take safety precautions before beginning any type of electrical work on your home. Begin by turning the light switch off and locate the circuit breaker that corresponds with the light fixture you are working on and turn it off. This will prevent you from getting shocked or electrocuted. If you don’t think you have the tools or skills to install a light fixture then I would contact Mr. Electric and have one of their expert electricians assist you in the installation of your light fixture; you can view their website and find a location near you.

If you already have a light fixture mount installed and with complete wiring then we can begin our process by getting a few tools together needed to complete the project.

  • Wire Nuts
  • Screwdriver
  • Wire Stripper

Now that we have the tools to begin our project let’s start by locating your new light fixtures instructions and look for specific installation requirements for that particular product. In general, most light fixtures will have at least two wires coming out of the light fixture. These two wires are normally color coded for the hot and neutral wires so you can easily tell the two between one another.

Next you will want to take your wire strippers and cut off about an inch of the plastic covering of the wire. Don’t be afraid to mess up the first time because you botch it you can cut the wire down and try again. Just make sure you don’t botch this process too many times or you won’t have any wire to work with.

Looking at the ceiling you should see three strands coming down and you need to match the hot and neutral wires with one another. The third wire is a ground wire and you can ground this to any metal area around the light fixture.

Once you have matched the hot and neutral fixture wires to the ceiling wires then twist the ends together and take a wire nut and turn it onto the connected wires clockwise. Once you have found that the wire nut can’t be turned any more give it a good tug to make sure that it making a great lock. Now all you have to do is tuck the wires into the covering and use your screwdriver to fix the light fixture to the ceiling. Once everything is installed simply turn the breaker back on and take a glance at your successful project.